Flyer: 10th IEC Young Professionals workshop – en

Flyer: 9th IEC Young Professionals workshop – en

The flyer for the IEC Young Professionals workshop to be held in Busan during the IEC 2018 General Meeting.  NCs are invited to nominate YPs to attend this workshop.

Briefing paper: Cyber security in the smart grid – Future Leaders industry forum – en

This paper was developed in the framework of the IEC Young Professionals (YP) Programme, whose core objective is to increase the involvement in IEC work of the next generation of IEC experts and leaders, and to encourage their long-term participation in standardization and conformity assessment activities.

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IEC Young Professionals newsletter – April 2014

Tags :

  • Hong Zhang: An exceptional IEC YP success story from China
  • Creating a standardization legacy: Australian Programme
  • Jonathan Colby, Ethan Biery: A mutually beneficial relationship: How NCs can engage YPs
  • Chelsey Schweikert, Weihong Song: YPs on the move
  • Marc Boolish: IEC YP becomes Chair of TC 35
  • Esther Ondiviela, Stephanie McLarty, Mandar Sinnarkar: IEC YP success stories from around the world