News release: New global platform to help cities become sustainable and smart

Geneva, Switzerland, 2016-01-15 – While we often hear about smart, sustainable cities, adding smartness to an existing urban environment or developing a Smart City from scratch is a mammoth undertaking.
World Smart City  
To help city stakeholders worldwide make their cities smarter, the first World Smart City online community will launch on 18 January. This new community aims to identify top pain points that are holding city development back.

Given that by 2050, an estimated 66% of the world’s population will live in urban areas, supplying these populations with basic resources like safe food, clean water and sufficient energy, while ensuring overall economic, social and environmental sustainability, will be a major challenge. Cities need to substantially increase the efficiency in which they operate and use their resources.

News release: Significant milestone for Smart City development

Major standards organizations from around the world agree to work together to help move cities faster to greater smartness

In the wake of the World Smart City Forum, which was held on 13 July 2016 in Singapore, representatives of IEC, ISO, ITU, IEEE, CEN, CENELEC and ETSI gathered for a meeting initiated by the IEC. This meeting was a global first and part of an ongoing dialog among standards organizations. The aim was to accelerate and better align Smart City standardization work, which is essential for successful Smart City deployment. Between 60% and 70% of humanity is expected to be living in urban environments by 2050.

News release: Enabling sustainable and smart cities for improved quality of life

IEC, ISO and ITU host international forum to tackle pain points that limit Smart Cities’ development

Geneva, Switzerland, 2016-07-14 – Smart Cities promise improved quality of life for the world’s estimated 3.9 billion urban dwellers(1), while at the same time allowing better, more efficient use of resources and improved security. However many barriers limit Smart City development. Key pain points that inhibit Smart Cities have been under the spotlight at the first World Smart City Forum, held in Singapore on 13 July 2016.

News release: Smart Cities: essential for global sustainability and urban efficiency

Geneva, Switzerland, 2016-07-05 – Today, most cities would like to become smart but many city planners don’t really know how to achieve this objective. Cities battle with pain points that touch the sustainable supply of energy or water, or how to eliminate gridlock and related pollution while allowing citizens to move around.