Briefing paper: IEC work for energy storage – en

IEC, the International Electrotechnical Commission covers the large majority of technologies that apply to energy storage, such as pumped storage, batteries, supercapacitors and flywheels.

You will find in this brochure a selection of articles from our magazine, e-tech, on the work of IEC for energy storage.

IEC Technology Report: Nanotechnology in the sectors of solar energy and energy storage – en

Nanotechnology brings significant benefits to energy storage and the overall solar energy sector for example in terms of improved materials’ efficiency and reduced manufacturing costs. Concretely, battery storage capacity could be increased, solar cells could be produced cheaper and their lifetime extended.

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IEC White Paper: Grid integration of large-capacity Renewable Energy sources and use of large-capacity Electrical Energy Storage – en, zh, ko

The proportion of renewable energies is likely to increase in all major electricity markets. Their large scale incorporation into existing electricity grids will be complex, and their successful integration will likely depend on large-capacity electrical energy storage.

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IEC White Paper: Electrical Energy Storage – en, ko

The need for electrical energy storage (EES) will increase significantly over the coming years. With the growing penetration of wind and solar, surplus energy could be captured to help reduce generation costs and increase energy supply.

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Briefing paper: Rural electrification for universal electricity access – en, es, fr

This brochure outlines the global challenges related to energy access. It offers detailed explanations about the IEC 62257 series that provides a planned and tested approach for rural electrification projects. The brochure also provides insights regarding different technologies, including solar, wind, small hydro, LVDC and lists important related Standards.

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IEC mini film: Grid and energy storage

IEC work covers Smart Grids and energy storage to help lower costs and optimize energy use.