Brochure: Cyber security – en

The aim of any cyber security strategy is to protect as many assets as possible and especially the most important – the “crown jewels”. Since it is not feasible, sensible or even efficient to try to protect everything in equal measure, it is important to identify what is valuable and needs greatest protection, identify vulnerabilities, then to prioritize and to erect defence-in-depth architecture that ensures business continuity.

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Brochure: Bringing intelligence to the grid – en, fr

Smart grid technologies allow the grid to become more flexible, interactive and enable it to provide real-time feedback. It incorporates technologies and services that facilitate intelligent monitoring, control, communication and self-healing technologies.

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Brochure: Transmission and distribution (T&D) – en

With rapidly increasing global population and the industrialization of developing countries, comes soaring demand for energy  – particularly electric power. Transmitting and distributing electric power more efficiently and supplying it from renewable sources are ways of ensuring electricity requirements will continue to be met.

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Brochure: Tackling counterfeit with IEC and ISO standards – en, fr

In Roman times it was wine, in mediaeval times it was textiles and weapons, today it is everything from personal computers to potency pills. Counterfeit goods are nothing new, but with globalization, the Internet and increased movement of goods, the fakes business is booming.

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News release: Celebrating World Standards Day 2017

Geneva, Switzerland, 11 September 2017 – The IEC, ISO and ITU announce the winners of annual World Standards Day contest. This year two competitions were launched, a poster contest and a video contest, along the theme “Standards make cities smarter”.

Presentation: Global energy interconnection White Paper

Global energy interconnection (GEI) is technically highly complex. It will require a level of dependability never seen before. International Standards inherently contain solutions that will help pre-address this complexity and they will play a crucial role in mastering dependability upfront. The global energy interconnection White Paper aims to assess the worldwide needs, benefits, policies and preconditions for GEI. This presentation provides a brief summary of the GEI White Paper including recommendations for regulators, industry and the IEC community.

News release: New IEC White Paper – Smart and secure IoT platform

Geneva, Switzerland, 16 February 2017 – The Internet of Things (IoT) significantly impacts the global economy and is expected to grow exponentially over the coming years, transforming society as a whole. In order to develop a smart and secure IoT platform, certain critical issues must be addressed in detail to ensure security, interoperability and scalability of the platform. The topic attracts a lot of interest among a very large and diverse community of stakeholders, and the refined solutions will be key to the success of this technology now and for generations to come.

News release: New IEC White Paper – Global Energy Interconnection

Geneva, Switzerland, 16 February 2017 – Energy is central to nearly every major challenge and opportunity the world faces. However, one fifth of the world population still lacks access to energy and 3 billion people rely on wood, coal or animal waste for cooking and heating. Today, sustainable energy and climate change are big global concerns.

News release: Measuring up – International Standards for quantities and units are under revision

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Geneva, Switzerland, 30 January 2017 – What are the correct symbols for bits and bytes? How do you accurately measure the spectrum of light? How do you quantify airborne sound? Consistency in quantities and units is essential for accurate measurement and can only be achieved if everyone is using the same language. The ISO/IEC 80000 series of Standards does just that, and it is currently under revision.