News release: Enabling sustainable and smart cities for improved quality of life

IEC, ISO and ITU host international forum to tackle pain points that limit Smart Cities’ development

Geneva, Switzerland, 2016-07-14 – Smart Cities promise improved quality of life for the world’s estimated 3.9 billion urban dwellers(1), while at the same time allowing better, more efficient use of resources and improved security. However many barriers limit Smart City development. Key pain points that inhibit Smart Cities have been under the spotlight at the first World Smart City Forum, held in Singapore on 13 July 2016.

News release: Common terminology for information security management just revised

Geneva, Switzerland, 2016-02-23 – All information held and processed by an organization is subject to the risks of attack, error and natural disaster, and other vulnerabilities inherent to its use. Information security is therefore at the heart of an organization’s activities and focuses on information considered a valuable “asset” requiring appropriate protection, for example, against the loss of availability, confidentiality and integrity.