Brochure: IECEx International Certification: The way to safety compliance in hazardous areas – en, pt

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Brochure: Medical devices – Safety and performance – en

All medical devices need to meet a rather complicated set of regulatory requirements. This brochure provides insights into safety, quality, performance and risk management aspects of electrical and electronic medical equipment that are covered by IEC work in standardization and conformity assessment.

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Presentation: IEC work for Smart Cities

This slide provides an overview of IEC work for cities. The IEC provides the majority of the International Standards needed to safely interconnect and automate much of the city infrastructure that generates or uses electricity and contains electronics.

IEC White Paper: IoT 2020: Smart and secure IoT platform – en, zh, ko

The Internet of Things (IoT) is an infrastructure of interconnected objects, people or systems that processes and reacts to physical and virtual information. IoT collectively uses today’s internet backbone to connect things using sensors and other technologies. Through data collection and analysis it achieves a multitude of outcomes that generally aim to improve user experience or the performance of devices and systems.

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Global Vision: Keith E. Williams, Underwriters Laboratories

In the 21st century, green safety is as important as were electrical safety and fire safety to the 20th century. Standards provide a competitive edge to companies to limit unfair competition, achieve significant cost-savings, and simplify access to many more markets. Underwriters Laboratories believes that the IEC represents the opportunity to harmonize standards globally so that manufacturers can make one product and serve all the world markets in a manner that will be safe to the planet and human kind.

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Global Vision: Keith Nosbusch, Rockwell Automation

In this IEC Global Visions interview, Keith Nosbusch, Chairman and CEO of Rockwell Automation (until 2016), shares how smarter manufacturing increases global competitiveness. He underlines that IEC International Standards help improve plant safety and enhance product reliability and quality. They also allow companies to become more sustainable by lowering their energy consumption and improving waste management, which in turn helps reduce cost.

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News release: Keeping data safe – what’s your back up?

Geneva, Switzerland, 2015-01-14Securely storing and protecting data requires a whole lot more than a simple back up.

 A new IEC (International Electrotechnical Commission) and ISO (the International Organization for Standardization) International Standard for data storage security ensures your valuable information stays in safe hands.

 An organization’s data is often its most valuable asset, and keeping it stored safely and effectively is increasingly a commercial and legal imperative.

However the process of managing it can be complex, covering not only how it is stored but how to access it securely and communicate it across a wide range of media and devices.


News release: Real energy access and improved product safety

IEC Regional Centre for Africa opening in Nairobi

Geneva, Switzerland, Nairobi Kenya, 2015-11-02 – Today, a major step has been taken towards greater access to electric power, safer electric and electronic products and overall better conditions for economic development, with the official opening of the IEC (International Electrotechnical Commission) Africa Regional Centre (IEC-AFRC).

The official opening ceremony took place in Nairobi, Kenya on Monday 2 November 2015, in the presence of highest level government officials of Kenya, the IEC Vice President, IEC General Secretary, industry experts, IEC Members and Affiliate Countries.

News release: Is your workplace safe?

Geneva, Switzerland, 2015-04-27 – When people go to work, they usually expect to carry out their activities in a healthy and safe environment. It is up to employers and workers to do all they can to make the workplace safe for all who enter it.

Workplace dangers
There are many possible hazards in the workplace, such as automatic doors, which should open and close with enough time to pass through safely. On trains or subways, you want them to remain closed for the travel duration. Cranes on building sites which could collapse due to overload, causing possible harm to humans or damage to property. Chemicals or other hazardous materials that are used during production processes or stored at the work place.

On 28 April, the International Labour Organization (ILO) will celebrate the World Day for safety and health at work with the theme, ‘Join in building a culture of prevention on occupational safety and health (OSH)’.