Presentation: The case for active participation in standardization – en

This presentation, which is intended for non-technical business audiences at the higher management and CXO level explains why participation in standardization is highly strategic and belongs at board room level. It provides examples that outline the type of advantages that can be achieved through this approach.


Presentation: How IEC Standards are developed (animation)

This presentation provides an animated overview of the development process of an IEC International Standard and indicates the different stages at which regulators and other stakeholders can contribute.

Presentation: Global energy interconnection White Paper

Global energy interconnection (GEI) is technically highly complex. It will require a level of dependability never seen before. International Standards inherently contain solutions that will help pre-address this complexity and they will play a crucial role in mastering dependability upfront. The global energy interconnection White Paper aims to assess the worldwide needs, benefits, policies and preconditions for GEI. This presentation provides a brief summary of the GEI White Paper including recommendations for regulators, industry and the IEC community.

Presentation: IEC and the Internet of Things – EN

This presentation provides a detailed overview of IEC work that impacts the Internet of Things. It is the companion presentation to the brochure IEC role in the IoT.

The presentation outlines why standardization is needed for the M2M world of Connected Services. The important role of sensors and MEMS. How nanotechnology will impact IoT. Big Data and the cloud and why data privacy and security will increase in importance and how cyber security work can help. How the IoT applies in energy and the Smart Grid, smart buildings and homes, lighting as well as Smart Cities. How IEC work contributes to smart manufacturing and Industry 4.0. and why IoT will become more important in healthcare, personal safety, mobility and even for universal energy access, for example through LVDC.


Presentation: IEC and SDGs – full pictures

This presentation provides a detailed overview of IEC work relating to 12 of the 17 UN sustainable development goals (SDGs).  This is a companion presentation to the brochure IEC and the Sustainable Development Goals.

Presentation: SAEE Convention – Johannesburg November 2016 – en

This presentation was given by Paul Johnson, Secretary of the IEC National Committee of South Africa at the energy efficiency convention in South Africa. It outlines how energy deficiency is defined, why it is important to not only measure and compare outcomes but fundamentally improve energy efficiency at the base. Why IEC work is often imbedded in regulations, how it helps manage quality and risk and allows to verify energy efficiency promises. The presentation also provides a broad overview of IEC work for energy efficiency improvements.