Briefing paper: Enabling you to lead – en

The business case

If you want to get heard and ensure the funding of your standardization work, you need to talk the corporate language and build your business case. This template will help you build a concise document to demonstrate why it is important for your company to participate in this standardization activity.

Standardization meeting report

Every time you come back from a standards meeting, broadcast why you went there and how your contribution relates to your company’s goals. Too many people are unaware why standardization is strategically important for their company. Write a good trip report and disseminate it widely. This will build support for your work.

Formalize your job

In order for standardization to work in the best interests of your company, you need to understand your company’s vision, goals, processes and products. And you need to make management understand what it is you do for the company when you participate in standardization. Document the know-how knowledge and skills that are involved in standardization and formalize your standardization job.

Presentation: Overview of the IEC

This presentation provides a general overview of the IEC and the scope and impact of IEC work on global trade, energy access and development objectives.

Presentation: IEC organization and structure

This presentation explains why the IEC was founded, how it works, it’s membership organization, standardization and conformity assessment work and the four Conformity Assessment Systems.

Presentation: The case for active participation in standardization – en

This presentation, which is intended for non-technical business audiences at the higher management and CXO level explains why participation in standardization is highly strategic and belongs at board room level. It provides examples that outline the type of advantages that can be achieved through this approach.


Presentation: Development of an IEC International Standard and relevance to conformity assessment

This presentation provides a detailed overview of the development process of an IEC International Standard and how it facilitates testing and certification (conformity assessment).

Presentation: How IEC Standards are developed (animation)

This presentation provides an animated overview of the development process of an IEC International Standard and indicates the different stages at which regulators and other stakeholders can contribute.

Briefing paper: IEC code of conduct for delegates and experts – en

Pocket guide providing brief guidelines on a number of issues which delegates and experts may be confronted with as participants in the IEC standardization process. This brochure provides information in additional to that given in the ISO/IEC Directives and reference should be made to these for more details.

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