Brochure (e-tech articles): International Standards for today’s and tomorrow’s technologies – en

You will find in this brochure a selection of articles from our magazine, e-tech, on the work of IEC for printed electronics.

Brochure: IECQ Scheme for LED Lighting – en, es

A valuable qualification and supply chain management tool for LED lighting manufacturers

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Presentation: IEC work for Smart Cities

This slide provides an overview of IEC work for cities. The IEC provides the majority of the International Standards needed to safely interconnect and automate much of the city infrastructure that generates or uses electricity and contains electronics.

IEC White Paper: Orchestrating infrastructure for sustainable Smart Cities – en, ru, zh, ko

By 2050, it is projected that 67% of the global population will live in cities. Smart cities are necessary to reduce emissions and to handle this rapid urban growth.

However cities, as we know them, are faced with a complex challenge – the traditional processes of planning, procuring and financing are not adequate for the needs of smart cities. Their development requires the right environment for smart solutions to be effectively adopted and used.

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News release: Safe lighting for everyone, everywhere

Geneva, Switzerland, 2015-01-19 – Lighting plays an important role in our everyday lives. Switching a light on is such a routine task that we often take it for granted. However there are 1.2 billion people worldwide who lack access to electricity and electric lighting.

The IEC (International Electrotechnical Commission), the global organization that develops International Standards and manages four Conformity Assessment Systems covering all fields of electrotechnology, is delighted to be associated with the International Year of Light, which is being officially launched in Paris on 19 and 20 January 2015.

Brochure: Lighting the way flyer – en

The IEC was a partner of the International Year of Light 2015 organized by UNESCO and this flyer provided a brief overview of IEC work for lighting.