Brochure: Cyber security – en

The aim of any cyber security strategy is to protect as many assets as possible and especially the most important – the “crown jewels”. Since it is not feasible, sensible or even efficient to try to protect everything in equal measure, it is important to identify what is valuable and needs greatest protection, identify vulnerabilities, then to prioritize and to erect defence-in-depth architecture that ensures business continuity.

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Brochure: IEC White Papers flyer – en

Short summary of every published IEC White Paper

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Brochure: ISO/IEC JTC 1 – Making the internet of things safer and more secure – en

The IEC and ISO Joint Technical Committee 1 (ISO/IEC JTC 1) brings together experts from around the world to develop International Standards for information and communication technology (ICT) for business and consumer applications.

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IEC White Paper: Edge intelligence – en, ko

To enable and realize the true value of the internet of things (IoT), edge intelligence pushes processing for data intensive applications away from the core of the cloud to the edge of the network.

This radical transformation from the cloud to the edge, edge intelligence, will support trillions of sensors and billions of systems. It will treat data in motion differently from data at rest.

This White Paper synthesizes current trends in the areas of cloud computing, mobile networking, IoT and other domains that require low delay in communication and decision. Such domains include smart manufacturing, video analysis for security and safety, automotive, intelligent city furniture or virtual reality. The publication explores market potential and vertical use case requirements, analyzes gaps and produces recommendations for adopting vertical edge intelligence technologies.

The White Paper was developed by the IEC Market Strategy Board (MSB) edge intelligence project team with major contributions from Huawei and the Fraunhofer Institute for Open Communications Systems FOKUS.

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Brochure (e-tech articles): Focus on solar energy – en

This brochure contains a selection of articles from our magazine, e-tech, on the work of IEC for solar energy.

News release: New IEC White Paper – Smart and secure IoT platform

Geneva, Switzerland, 16 February 2017 – The Internet of Things (IoT) significantly impacts the global economy and is expected to grow exponentially over the coming years, transforming society as a whole. In order to develop a smart and secure IoT platform, certain critical issues must be addressed in detail to ensure security, interoperability and scalability of the platform. The topic attracts a lot of interest among a very large and diverse community of stakeholders, and the refined solutions will be key to the success of this technology now and for generations to come.

IEC White Paper: IoT 2020: Smart and secure IoT platform – en, zh, ko

The internet of things (IoT) is an infrastructure of interconnected objects, people or systems that processes and reacts to physical and virtual information. IoT collectively uses today’s internet backbone to connect things using sensors and other technologies. Through data collection and analysis it achieves a multitude of outcomes that generally aim to improve user experience or the performance of devices and systems.

How data is collected and implemented will determine how transformational IoT can become. Security grows exponentially in importance as devices that were once isolated become interconnected and more and more information is collected. As with most disruptive technologies solutions are developed by a wide range of providers promoting their proprietary approaches which can also impact interconnectivity. Bringing the ambitious visions expressed by IoT to reality will require significant efforts in standardization.

This White Paper aims to provide an overview of today’s IoT, including its limitations and deficiencies in the area of security, interoperability and scalability. It contains use cases that point to requirements for smart and secure IoT platforms. It also discusses next generation platform-level technologies and provides important recommendations to IoT stakeholders and for IoT standardization work.

The White Paper was prepared by the IEC Market Strategy Board (MSB) IoT 2020 project team with major contributions from SAP and the Fraunhofer Institute for Applied and Integrated Security AISEC.

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IEC White Paper: Internet of Things: Wireless Sensor Networks – en, ru, ko

Wireless sensor networks (WSN) are generating increasing interest from industry and research. This is driven by the availability of inexpensive, low-powered miniature components such as processors, radios and sensors which are sometimes integrated on a single chip.

The idea of the internet of things (IoT) developed in parallel to WSNs. While IoT doesn’t assume a specific communication technology, wireless communication technologies will play a major role in the roll-out of IoT. WSNs will drive many applications and many industries.

This White Paper discusses the use and evolution of WSNs in the wider context of IoT. It provides a review of WSN applications, infrastructures technologies, applications as well as standards that apply to WSN designs.

The White Paper was prepared by the IEC Market Strategy Board (MSB) wireless sensor networks project team in cooperation with the US National Institute of Standards and Technology (NIST).

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Presentation: IEC and the Internet of Things – EN

This presentation provides a detailed overview of IEC work that impacts the Internet of Things. It is the companion presentation to the brochure IEC role in the IoT.

The presentation outlines why standardization is needed for the M2M world of Connected Services. The important role of sensors and MEMS. How nanotechnology will impact IoT. Big Data and the cloud and why data privacy and security will increase in importance and how cyber security work can help. How the IoT applies in energy and the Smart Grid, smart buildings and homes, lighting as well as Smart Cities. How IEC work contributes to smart manufacturing and Industry 4.0. and why IoT will become more important in healthcare, personal safety, mobility and even for universal energy access, for example through LVDC.


News release: First global workshop for Internet of Things Standards held in Berlin

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Geneva, Switzerland, 2016-05-24 – IEC (International Electrotechnical Commission), ISO (International Organization for Standardization) and ITU (International Telecommunications Union) organized a joint workshop on Standards for Internet of Things (IoT) on 13 May 2016 in Berlin, Germany.