Briefing paper: IECQ Quality in the electronics industry – en

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IEC mini films: Electronics

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IEC work in electronics underpins everything from tiny components that drive sensors or computers to everyday household equipment, entertainment systems and every other electrical or electronic device you can think of. We also develop the protocols for cloud computing, e-readers or cyber security and define the safety of lasers for commercial or medical use. We not only help make electronics safe and efficient, we also ensure that safety systems that depend on electronics perform as they should. IEC works behind the scenes so that you can be safe, have fun and stay connected.

IEC mini film: Devices

The IEC  is there to ensure that you are safe and  every electric and electronic device and system you encounter works as expected: from the moment you get up and turn the alarm clock off and your lights on, shave, blow dry your hair or make coffee; on your way to work, in your office, when you visit the doctor, when you get cash from the ATM and more. The IEC helps keep the lights…and your devices on.