Brochure: IECEE Global Motor Energy Efficiency Programme – en, pt

The IECEE Global Motor Energy Efficiency Programme (GMEE), was established to address the many trade barriers arising from differing country regulations for motor efficiency. This brochure explains the certification process of this globally
harmonized programme.

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News release: Major energy efficiency moves for electric motors

New IE3 regulations bring up to 50% energy savings

Geneva, Switzerland, 2015-02-12 – Globally, electric motor systems are estimated to be responsible for 46% of electricity use (1). Electric motors convert electrical energy to mechanical energy; they are for example used to rotate pumps, drive compressors, lift and move materials or run fans, blowers, drills or mixers. Electric motors are the “workhorses” of industry. (1)

For industrial applications alone, it’s estimated that electric motor systems account for approximately 70% of electricity consumption1. Being such a huge consumer of electricity, small improvements can lead to huge energy savings. The IEC (International Electrotechnical Commission) has put in place energy efficiency classes for electric motors, known as the IE code, which are summarized in IEC International Standard: IEC 60034-30-1.