IEC Technology Report: Cyber security and resilience guidelines for the smart energy operational environment – en

The energy business sector is undergoing profound changes. The transition to clean energy is underway and society is increasingly reliant on electrical energy. However, the business environment is more risky and mounting competition requires the continual improvement of end-user services.

Simultaneously, the energy sector has accelerated its evolution towards digitization thus heightening its reliance on cyber assets, including systems, controllers and intelligent devices, to manage the delivery of electrical energy.

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Presentation: IEC and smart manufacturing October 2019

Smart manufacturing, also called industry 4.0 or the industrial internet of things (IIOT) fits into the wider scope of the 4th industrial revolution.
This presentation outlines how IEC contributes to smart manufacturing, points to some of the white papers that cover different aspects of importance for modern manufacturing and highlights cyber security needs.

Presentation: IEC and cyber security

Security has always been important to protect physical, information and financial assets. But before digitalization, the majority of threats were visible and took place at a clear geographical location. With the mass integration of cyber physical systems, we are now facing a new set of security risks, and cyber security has become a global preoccupation. This presentation outlines why not every cyber attack is equal and the difference between IT and OT in the protection of critical infrastructure systems such as electricity networks, transportation, healthcare, water supply, etc.

Flyer IECEE: International cyber security certification – en

The rapid development of the digitalization of everything brings with it many challenges. In the forefront is the ever-increasing concern of cyber security to protect against threats to the electronic systems that have become so vital to users. Both industry and governments are continuously seeking ways to reduce the risks.

The security of digital systems is an increasing concern not only for businesses, government and defense, but to individuals and society in general.

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Briefing paper: Cyber security in the smart grid – Future Leaders industry forum – en

This paper was developed in the framework of the IEC Young Professionals (YP) Programme, whose core objective is to increase the involvement in IEC work of the next generation of IEC experts and leaders, and to encourage their long-term participation in standardization and conformity assessment activities.

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Presentation: ABC of cyber security

The ABC of cyber security:

  • A = assessment of the risk
  • B = best practices to address the risk
  • C = conformity assessment for monitoring and maintenance.

Briefing paper: Cyber security – en

The aim of any cyber security strategy is to protect as many assets as possible and especially the most important – the “crown jewels”. Since it is not feasible, sensible or even efficient to try to protect everything in equal measure, it is important to identify what is valuable and needs greatest protection, identify vulnerabilities, then to prioritize and to erect defence-in-depth architecture that ensures business continuity.

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Presentation: IEC and cyber security

Among the most critical challenges is the security of connected cyber physical systems. Very often little or no attention is paid at the design stage to ensure that connected objects are secure against malicious attacks.

The exploitation of cyber vulnerabilities of infrastructure systems is becoming an increasing threat to business and society’s overall security. Let me explain the unique way in which the IEC helps improve cyber security with the example of energy.


Briefing paper (e-tech articles): Protecting critical infrastructure – en

The range and cost of global malicious cyber activities (cyber attacks) are growing.
The cost is forecast to reach USD 2 000 billion by 2019, a threefold increase from the 2015 estimate of USD 500 billion. In addition to financial losses, concern is growing regarding attacks on critical infrastructure sectors. Safeguarding various parts of critical infrastructure from cyber attacks is becoming a priority for most countries. Energy installations are central to the entire critical infrastructure: without electricity there’s no transport system, no fresh water supply or waste water treatment, healthcare facilities, factories can no longer function.

Briefing paper: IECEE services for industrial automation – en

Automation of manufacturing is increasing around the world. According to the International Federation of Robotics (IFR), it is estimated that more than 1,7 million new industrial robots will be installed globally in factories between 2017 and 2020.

Smart manufacturing is the term used to describe the trend of automation and data exchange in manufacturing technologies.

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