Masterplan campaign: IEC everywhere for a safer, more efficient world

To allow you to efficiently communicate the key benefits of the IEC to industry, policy makers, regulators, academia and other stakeholders we have prepared a set of tools and materials for you. You can download them or order printed copies, or graphic files (InDesign) to adapt them to your local language, or bring them closer to your corporate identity.


Brochure & flyers

Enabling you to lead brochure provides an overview of key business benefits resulting from IEC work.



IEC Masterplan flyer explains in brief our vision, mission, values and strategic objectives.



Get ahead of the game flyer outlines in brief the benefits of IEC work to company leaders



These postcards provide individual business benefits of IEC work. You can order the graphic file (InDesign) to adapt them to your national needs, down-load them and add them to emails or order print copies free of charge.

Postcard 1
Postcard 2
Postcard 3 Postcard 4
Postcard 5 Postcard 6
Postcard 7 Postcard 8
Postcard 9 Postcard 10
Postcard 11 Postcard 12

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IEC President address


PowerPoint Presentation

Feel free to adapt this PowerPoint presentation to your own needs.


Email messages

A set of messages that you can email to industry audiences:

Drive your growth, cut costs, increase profits | Manage quality and risk | Stay up to date

Elevator statements for industry

Energy | ITC | Manufacturing | Transportation | IEC CA System messages for manufacturers, exporters and importers

One page summaries

These summaries provide you with key messages for:

Internal audiences | CA System participants | TC/SCs



Electricity and electronics are omnipresent and drive everything. These mini films depict the impact of IEC work in energy, electronics, electric devices, smart cities and communities, manufacturing, automotive, smart grid and energy storage.

IEC Technology Leaders is a series of mini-interviews with the leaders of SMEs, which actively contribute to IEC work. You hear from them why they send experts to participate in IEC work and how this investment allows them to build better, more reliable products.

IEC Global Visions: a series of mini- documentaries that illustrate how international organizations cope with some of today’s global challenges and how the IEC helps them to do so.