Video: The passion of inventors and how IEC work contributed

A history of inventions, the people behind them and the Standards that enable their global roll-out, allowing millions of people to benefit of these new technologies.

It was developed on the occasion of the 100 year anniversary and explains part of the history of the IEC.





Video: The IEC and SMEs


This video provides many arguments for SMEs and outlines how IEC work helps make design and manufacturing simpler, improving the safety and quality of products and allowing  participants to avoid costly mistakes. SMEs in particular can be seen as players of equal weight, gaining peer recognition and access new opportunities. 100 year anniversary



Video: IEC serves the market

How IEC work helps companies to create business opportunities, cut manufacturing time and cost, optimize testing and speed up market access.  The IEC provides the technical foundation upon which businesses can innovate. 100 year anniversary.



Video: Nature transformed – providing the technical foundation

The role of the IEC in transforming ideas into usable technologies. How IEC technical committees take the essentials of any given technology and use them as the basis for creating Standards, laying down the processes that will allow many to safely repeat the process, again and again: “This is the best way to do this job. 100 year anniversary.

Video: See you in the future

Since 1906 the IEC has played its role in future technology developments. Everywhere we find electricity and electronics, we find IEC Standards. We may not yet know what the future will look like, but we’ll be there to play our part. History. 100 year anniversary.



Video: The world of the IEC

An animated video that provides an instant understanding of the breadth and impact of IEC work on billions of devices and systems.


IEC mini film: Manufacturing

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IEC work for manufacturing is extensive: from electric motors, wiring, cabling, sensors and information technology to industrial automation, processes such as heating, welding and cooling, ventilation, control systems or distribution.

IEC mini film: Grid and energy storage

IEC work covers Smart Grids and energy storage to help lower costs and optimize energy use.

IEC mini film: Energy

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IEC Energy minifilm
Electric power is taken for granted, by all of us. We use it and yet we rarely think about it. Behind the scenes but in a very real way, electricity is the enabler of our modern lives. It is the life-blood of our economies… Without electricity there is no economic development, no global trade, no industrial activity. The IECs core business is electricity and electronics. We develop the many, many technical rules that allow electric and electronic devices to work safely together everywhere in the world. Our work covers the whole energy chain. We have and continue to develop the majority of the behind the scene technical rules that make energy generation safe and efficient. The IEC helps keep the lights on.

IEC mini films: Electronics

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IEC work in electronics underpins everything from tiny components that drive sensors or computers to everyday household equipment, entertainment systems and every other electrical or electronic device you can think of. We also develop the protocols for cloud computing, e-readers or cyber security and define the safety of lasers for commercial or medical use. We not only help make electronics safe and efficient, we also ensure that safety systems that depend on electronics perform as they should. IEC works behind the scenes so that you can be safe, have fun and stay connected.