Digital delegate pack #IECGM2020

Digital delegate pack #IECGM2020

Every year, at the beginning of the IEC General Meeting you receive a bag that contains various items and background material. This year, for the first time in the history of the IEC, due to the Covid-19 pandemic, the IEC General Meeting will be fully virtual. This digital pack is designed to enhance your experience and provide you with preparatory and background information.

The pack is exclusively distributed to GM participants.

Address of IEC President

Short video address of IEC President

Image: Closing address of the IEC President

Closing address of the IEC President

Image: Closing video GM2020

IEC 2020 General Meeting closing video

IEC General Secretary Activity Report

Short video General Secretary Activity Report

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Annex to IEC General Secretary Activity Report

Video of Treasurer’s welcome to his Council session

Image: treasurer memo

Treasurer’s Memorandum 2019

Download PDF (restricted access)

NRG video presentation

Image: Invitation NRG Open Session

NRG invitation IEC GM 2020

Please register through the IEC meeting registration system
Image: Covid visual

FinCom Covid-19 impact assessment
September 2020

Download PDF (Restricted access)
Image: Moderated Networking Sessions

Moderated networking sessions

Meet and discuss your favourite topic with world renowned experts.
These networking sessions will be live-streamed, recorded and made available on the IEC Facebook page.
Image: White paper

IEC White Paper Safety in the future

Using real-life examples, this white paper addresses safety in the future by exploring current social trends and initiatives as well as projects that are pioneering innovative safety solutions. The paper also introduces a collaborative framework – the tripartite system for safety – which offers a systematic approach to examining key safety elements.
Image: IEC Activity report

IEC Activity Report

Image: IEC Annual Report

IEC Annual Report

Image: Zoom Backgrounds

Zoom backgrounds for participants in IEC GM 2020

MSB 2019 Conference presentations – Shanghai

MSB 2019 Conference presentations – Shanghai

Presentation: PowerPoint templates 2020

2020 PowerPoint templates

Presentation: IEC and energy efficiency October 2019

Energy efficiency is the biggest and often largely untapped energy resource in the world. This presentation outlines the IEC approach to energy efficiency, definitions of energy efficiency, barriers, and many examples of how to improve energy efficiency of systems and devices.

Presentation: IEC and smart manufacturing October 2019

Smart manufacturing, also called industry 4.0 or the industrial internet of things (IIOT) fits into the wider scope of the 4th industrial revolution.
This presentation outlines how IEC contributes to smart manufacturing, points to some of the white papers that cover different aspects of importance for modern manufacturing and highlights cyber security needs.

Presentation: IEC and SDGs February 2020 icons

All sustainable development goals rely on electricity. Electric power is the golden thread that alleviates poverty and hunger, increases access to healthcare, education, clean water and light after dark. It facilitates daily chores and allows women to contribute differently to local economies, increasing their status. IEC work is behind the scene but essential. It is technology focused and only few IEC Standards can be directly attributed to a single SDG. This presentation outlines where and how the IEC contributes to SDGs. Rather than text, it uses clear icons for faster communication.

Presentation: IEC and cyber security

Security has always been important to protect physical, information and financial assets. But before digitalization, the majority of threats were visible and took place at a clear geographical location. With the mass integration of cyber physical systems, we are now facing a new set of security risks, and cyber security has become a global preoccupation. This presentation outlines why not every cyber attack is equal and the difference between IT and OT in the protection of critical infrastructure systems such as electricity networks, transportation, healthcare, water supply, etc.

Presentation: SDGs

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Presentation: PowerPoint generic images 16:9

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A selection of generic images for your 16:9 PowerPoint presentations

Presentation: PowerPoint generic images 4:3

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A selection of generic images for your 4:3 PowerPoint presentations