Presentation: IEC work for energy efficiency

According to the International Energy Agency, energy efficiency is the biggest and often largely untapped energy resource in the world.

In the face of rising energy demand and a need to limit greenhouse gas emissions,

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Presentation: Market Strategy Board: Edge Intelligence

MSB Conference – IEC General Meeting
Vladivostock, Russia

Presentation: Empowering smart cities – Qingdao Forum

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Presentation: Global energy interconnection White Paper

Global energy interconnection (GEI) is technically highly complex. It will require a level of dependability never seen before. International Standards inherently contain solutions that will help pre-address this complexity and they will play a crucial role in mastering dependability upfront. The global energy interconnection White Paper aims to assess the worldwide needs, benefits, policies and preconditions for GEI. This presentation provides a brief summary of the GEI White Paper including recommendations for regulators, industry and the IEC community.

Presentation: IEC work for smart manufacturing – EN

The digitalization of manufacturing represents a stepping stone towards the 4th Industrial Revolution, which is also called smart manufacturing or Industry 4.0. This topic will become increasingly important for every manufacturer and every company over the coming years. This presentation provides an overview of IEC work that will enable smart manufacturing and how it fits into the overall Internet of Things.

Presentation: IEC, the electric car and beyond

Most developing countries are focusing on the development of the electric car. However, far beyond the individual electric car, there is a growing opportunity and need for the electrification of all sorts of vehicles. Furthermore, in developing countries a more sustainable approach to mobility is needed. This presentation outlines some of the challenges as well as IEC work that underpins all forms of transportation.

Presentation: Fighting product piracy

This presentation explains the impact of product piracy in electrotechnical products on safety and liability. It complements the brochure Piracy in electrical and electronic products.  This PP includes speaker’s notes.

Presentation: IEC brand

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The IEC brand sets expectations and delivers on the promise that when people buy an IEC International Standard they receive a technical basis that is state-of-the art and has value, globally.


This presentation outlines the value of the IEC brand, why branding is important for National Committees in their effort to increase stakeholder engagement and build trust. It also underlines that in order to protect the business model of the NC and the IEC it is important to protect the IEC brand, trademark and copyright.

Presentation: Overview of the IEC

This presentation provides a general overview of the IEC and the scope and impact of IEC work on global trade, energy access and development objectives.

Presentation: IEC work for Smart Cities

This slide provides an overview of IEC work for cities. The IEC provides the majority of the International Standards needed to safely interconnect and automate much of the city infrastructure that generates or uses electricity and contains electronics.