Presentation: IEC and the Internet of Things – EN

Presentation: IEC and the Internet of Things - EN
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This presentation provides a detailed overview of IEC work that impacts the Internet of Things. It is the companion presentation to the brochure IEC role in the IoT.

The presentation outlines why standardization is needed for the M2M world of Connected Services. The important role of sensors and MEMS. How nanotechnology will impact IoT. Big Data and the cloud and why data privacy and security will increase in importance and how cyber security work can help. How the IoT applies in energy and the Smart Grid, smart buildings and homes, lighting as well as Smart Cities. How IEC work contributes to smart manufacturing and Industry 4.0. and why IoT will become more important in healthcare, personal safety, mobility and even for universal energy access, for example through LVDC.


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Last UpdatedMay 11, 2017