IEC White Paper: Coping with the Energy Challenge, The IEC’s role from 2010 to 2030 – EN, FR, ZH, KR

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Répondre au défi de l’énergie Le rôle de l’IEC de 2010 à 2030 - FrenchDownload 
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백서: 에너지 문제에 부합하기 위한 IEC의 역할 (2010~2030년) - KoreanDownload 
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This White Paper lays the foundation for the electrical energy efficiency discussion. It projects what the IEC believes is likely to happen in the next 20 years and provides a roadmap and recommendations that will allow the IEC to develop the many Standards that are needed to enable highest short- and long-term energy efficiency outcomes.

This White Paper was prepared by the IEC Market Strategy Board (MSB) special working group on electrical energy efficiency in cooperation with leading international experts. The White Paper was officially launched at the World Energy Congress in Montreal in September 2010.

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