IEC Masterplan – postcards, presentations, elevator statement- en

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IEC Masterplan - postcards, presentations, elevator statement- en
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Brochure & flyers
Enabling you to lead brochure provides an overview of key business benefits resulting from IEC work.

These postcards provide individual business benefits of IEC work:

  • Lead, don’t follow – sit at the table where the technical rules for global trade are written
  • Focus your innovation – learn from mistakes others made before you
  • Assess the value of your innovation – we help you measure how it compares to your competition
  • Innovation is your strength – we help you spread it globally and build broader markets
  • Avoid product variations – plan for national differences
  • Cut cost, not corners – we help you manage your quality, eliminate waste and duplication
  • Open new markets – we make it easier for you to participate in global value chains
  • Build trust and demonstrate compliance – access more markets faster at less cost
  • Mitigate your liability risks – demonstrate your use of industry-wide best practice
  • Gather market intelligence – anticipate market developments and needs
  • Your company is small – your voice can carry around the world
  • Unlock free access to continuous education in engineering principles and
    safety applications

You can order the graphic file (InDesign) to adapt them to your national needs, download them and add them to emails or order print copies free of charge.

PowerPoint Presentation
Feel free to adapt this PowerPoint presentation to your own needs.

We have also prepared following supporting material:


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